The most unusual vehicles on TrucksNL

TrucksNL is mostly known for posting trucks and/or heavy equipment. But sometimes we also have other special ads on our website. Below are the most unusual vehicles that have ever been for sale on TrucksNL

In this blog article you’ll read:

Amphibious vehicle with trailer

This Volvo amphibious vehicle features tracks and a trailer. Two people can fit in the vehicle itself, and in the trailer there is room for 8 to 10 people. The most remarkable thing is that without a trailer, the vehicle cannot move.

Offered by: Handelsonderneming van Dam B.V.


This flashy helicopter, with its striking blue and red colors, was built in 2003 and is said to have flown only 2 kilometers.

Offered by: Vink Machinery

Inspection torpedo

The inspection torpedo is remote controlled and has four Thomson cameras. Its length is 2.70 meters.

Offered by: Jan Cardan


This oldtimer was built in 1949. It’s a Citroen U23. At first this oldtimer had a totally different look. The current look was made in 1956 when the oldtimer was converted into a ‘tow truck’ with American accents.

Offered by: AC Classics

Militair ship

This Danish military ship called ‘Bore’ is almost 38 meters long and can ship up to 72 tons. There is room for 4 men in the control room and 325 other people can travel on the ship. The ship is made by Scania, has a hiab crane and 5 cabins with 15 beds.

Offerd by: John Staaling Eksport ApS


This Ford train with the year of construction 1988 is perfect for use during events.

Offered by: TS Trucks BV

Funeral truck

This is a Scania funeral truck with air conditioning, cruise control, parking automatic, roof spoiler, air horns and sleeper cab. In addition, the truck has funeral amenities such as an elevator to facilitate the loading and unloading of the coffin and flower stands.

Offered by: Semtrade B.V.


This airplane is the Handley Page 137 Jetstream from 1970. The plane is not quite complete, what is missing are the nose and turboprop engines. In addition, on the inside there is only 1 row of 2 seats next to each other and behind that a row with 1 seat. Because this aircraft is no longer complete, it can be used as an advertising object.

Offered by: Handelsonderneming van Dam B.V.

Amphibious vehicle

This new diesel amphibious vehicle can hold 8 men plus two drivers. It’s equipped with caterpillar tracks and on the inside it has a yellow interior.

Offered by: ADB Global Sales S.L.


This ad contains several electric and diesel trains. The trains were built in 1980-1981.

Offered by: ADB Global Sales S.L.