Elektrische vrachtwagen oplaadpunt

Electric trucks are becoming more popular

There are over a thousand new registrations of electric trucks. Read about the increase in electric trucks in the Netherlands and within the EU in this blog.

The increase in the Netherlands

As many as 1,032 new electric trucks were registered in the Netherlands in the first three quarters of 2023. This means that 8% of all truck registrations are now electric vehicles. This represents tremendous progress, especially considering that a year ago it was only 0.5 percent.

According to recent figures from automotive umbrella organisation Acea, the number of electric registrations is especially high in the 3.5- to 16-ton segment. Here, 754 e-trucks were registered out of a total of 1,750 trucks in this weight class. In fact, the number of electric trucks over 16 tons grew from 59 to 278. But the percentage out of a total of 11,383 trucks still remains very low.

Despite the increasing popularity of electric trucks, diesel retains its dominant position. Of the 13,133 registered trucks in the Netherlands, by far the most trucks (12,003) still run on diesel.

Electric trucks within the EU

The Netherlands scores reasonably well in terms of making freight traffic more sustainable. The total number of electric truck registrations in the EU, which stood at 4,000, the Netherlands accounted for a quarter. Only in Germany were more new electric trucks registered. Still, the Netherlands plays a modest role in the total number of European truck registrations. From January through September, a total of 268,766 trucks were added, of which the Dutch share is only 2%.

Target for 2030

The European Commission has stated its ambition to have at least 400,000 e-trucks on the road in Europe by 2030, with an additional 100,000 new electric trucks added each year. Thus, further action is needed to achieve these goals.