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Sneakpreview TrucksNL account

In September, the TrucksNL account environment will go live. From then on, every user on TrucksNL will be able to more easily manage various things in and around the platform.

You can easily manage the following via your TrucksNL account:

My profile data

Easily manage your data on this page and keep it up-to-date. When you send a reply to an advertisement, your contact details are automatically included. On the profile details tab you can manage your personal details, your company details and your login details.

Saved alerts

You can easily manage searches via the ‘saved alerts’ page. On this page, we also explain how you can easily save a specific search query as an alert. In addition, it is possible to follow an advertiser by ‘subscribing to stock’.

Saved favourites

Always handy to be able to easily find your favourites somewhere in an overview. Come across a vehicle or machine you are interested in? Then save it by checking the star icon. Favourite items can then be found directly in this overview.

Last viewed

Here you will find a display of the last viewed vehicles/machines/parts in chronological descending order.

My messages

Just lost track of who you sent something to? Via ‘My messages’ you can immediately see which comment you have sent to which person. You are immediately up to date and can therefore react faster.