Posts die goed scoren

These posts on social media business pages score well

You want your business page(s) on social media to remain relevant to your potential buyers. This increases the chance that they continue to follow you. And therefore you can reach them to promote your stock. In this blog article you”ll find a number of good scoring social media posts.

Don’t have your own company page(s) on social media yet? You can easily and quickly create one or more successful business page(s) for free.

In this blog article are some examples of posts we have shared on our Facebook and LinkedIn business page recently. Of course, one message works better than another on the various social media. For example, a message in which you share knowledge works well on LinkedIn and a message in which you promote your stock works better on Facebook.

Promote your stock

As a dealer you obviously want to offer your stock. You can highlight a photo, with specifications and the price of your vehicle, machine or part for sale on your business page.

On our Facebook business page we promote stock of advertisers on TrucksNL

Give tips

The purpose of your social media business page, in addition to sales, is to build a relationship with your followers (read: potential buyers). You do this by staying relevant. Give tips to your potential buyers about everything related to the purchase.

We regularly provide tips through blog articles that we share on our LinkedIn business page

Offer your help

Besides selling your trade, do you have additional services like ‘shipping, arranging export documents, arranging insurance papers etc.’? If so, then post about them on your business page from time to time.

We once offered on our LinkedIn business page to help people with their website

Respond to current events

Respond to current events with your products and services. For example: is there a shortage of new trucks? The solution: you still have enough used trucks of excellent quality in stock.

Below is a sample message we could share on our Facebook business page to respond to the microchip shortage

Share customer stories

A satisfied buyer? Ask him to write a review or participate in a short customer satisfaction interview. Then share positive experiences with your company together with a picture of the (buyer with the) purchase. Of course, ask this buyer if he is okay with you sharing this. 😉

Recently, we shared a customer story on our LinkedIn business page

You want your brand awareness to grow among your potential buyers. Therefore, make sure that you are not only online visible to your target audience on social media but also in other ways.