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You get less responses than other traders

Your ads perform worse than similar ads.

  • Too low / less impressions
  • Too low / less clicks

This applies to all portals on which you advertise. You may be losing thousands of dollars in sales per month as a result.

Why do my ads lose out to other advertisers?

There are important things missing like:

  1. Properties
  2. Search words
  3. Translations

Your ads stand out less and are less well found. In any case, the outcome is that you receive less responses. That costs you money through every portal you advertise on.

The chances of you losing sales are high, but you can do something about it

Do I still have your attention? Nice. Read this full article carefully and stop losing sales.


1| Properties


Over 20,000 visitors on TrucksNL use the ‘Power (HP)’ filter each month

(Image 1: filter power on TrucksNL)

So you may lose 20,000 impressions on TrucksNL if you don’t fill in the Power field in TruckDelta. Count your losses.

(Image 2: field power in TruckDelta)

How many views does this cost you on other portals?

We obviously don’t have these figures. But that this makes your ads perform worse is certain. Less impressions, clicks and responses through other portals. After all, they offer the Power (PK) filter as well. TruckDelta cannot provide the property “number of HP” through linking stock to all other portals if you leave this property blank.

(Figure 3: Screenshot of four other well-known portals and their version of the “Power” filter)

2 | Search words

Visitors do over 100,000 unique searches per month on TrucksNL. So free searches in the search bar. Your ads will not be found if they do not contain important keywords.

The TrucksNL search engine works according to a certain recipe that ranks ads in order.
Another word for this is algorithm.

Search query: “Torpedo”

(Image 4: search results TrucksNL)

The ads above appear in the results summary because:

  1. There is a match on the subcategory “torpedo front tractor”
  2. There is a match on the ad title “torpedo” (blauwe tekst / link)

Other ingredients of the “algorithm” are:

  • Properties
  • Free text / Description

Each ingredient has its own weighting factor

A vehicle feature weighs more heavily for findability than free text in the ad title or description. In addition, the search engine also handles free text differently. Searches must match your description almost exactly before your ad will be found on it.

How many writing variations we have seen of “AdBlue” over the years is impressive.

Edbloe, Addblew, Edblu, Adbluu, At blu, Ed-blew (and personally I like the best) @blew.

By selecting the present AdBlue tank you capture this. If you note “AdBlue tank” only in the description, then don’t.

(Figure 5: The property AdBlue tank present in TruckDelta)


3 | Translations 

This speaks to a majority of all advertisers. Over 60% of all website visitors are NOT from the Netherlands. And these visitors do not speak Dutch. So their searches are also not Dutch. They search in their own language.

Do you want to sell something to a Polish person? Then make sure you use Polish keywords in your description. Want to appeal to an international audience with your title? Then use English or mention only things that don’t need to be translated, such as Euronorm, mileage, “Globetrotter” etc.

Would a Polish visitor find the ad below with a Polish search query? And suppose miraculously this does happen. Would the same Pole understand anything about the ad title below?

(Image 6: A Dutch title displayed to a Polish visitor)

We make sure that all the properties are translated. You have to make sure that your descriptions are translated and that you take into account an international audience in the ad titles.

But this takes up a lot of my time

No. Just use the “retrieve data” function, complete where necessary.

We explain here how the “retrieve data” function works.

So how many sales have you lost already?

We obviously don’t know exactly how many euros you have lost. This article is written to excite you. For some advertisers reading this, however, this is reality. Perhaps these advertisers lost much more than €10,000. The reason for writing this article this way is not out of the blue. Every advertiser can get more out of their subscription.

So go do this

  1. Use the “retrieve data function”
  2. Fill in as many properties as possible
  3. Avoid Dutch words in ad titles
  4. Go translate descriptions

Tip: Translate quickly and well? Use Deepl

Niels Weberink