Recent years have shown how unpredictable the economy can be. Staff shortages, disruption in production, delayed deliveries and rising costs. Within transport, these have been challenging years. For the coming year too, these challenges persist. Transport companies are increasingly looking at ways to cut costs or generate additional revenue.


One of these ways is truck advertising. Truck advertising has made a huge leap in recent years. Trayler BV is a company that provides transport companies with this. The organisation works as an intermediary between transport companies and a variety of advertisers. When selecting the relevant advertising, the transport company decides what will be put on the trailer. Here the design and content of the message can be specifically selected.

Great alternative

„In the past year, we see a positive trend emerging within the transport sector. More and more transport companies are looking for ways to cover rising costs. And let’s be honest; what is the added value of having your own name on the trailer life-size, while annual turnover of 10,000 euros can be achieved by advertising for an external party? An additional advantage is that we absorb the cost of putting the advertising on the truck. So costs for replacing tarpaulins are a thing of the past.“ Says Desley Kuiper of Trayler BV.


Trayler BV now works with dozens of transport companies in Belgium and the Netherlands. In total there are more than 150 trucks driving around with various advertising messages. This is expected to increase enormously over the next few years because of today’s economic challenges.