10 facts about IVECO

We have collected 10 facts about IVECO. For example, did you know that IVECO is available 24/7 for its customers?

1 | IVECO part of CNH Industrial

IVECO is part of CNH Industrial. CNH means Case and New Holland brand families. CNH owns 66 factories and 9 brands worldwide, including IVECO. In these factories they make parts for ships and trucks. Chances are you have a part in your truck that was made by a CNH Industrial brand.

2 | Partner for sustainable transport

With IVECO you can choose to drive on alternative fuels:

You can choose ‘LNG’, a liquid (methane) natural gas which has been around for more than 20 years and is used as a fuel for engines. IVECO has been offering the option of choosing LNG for more than ten years. This isn’t just better for the environment, but also for the total cost of ownership. The IVECO S-WAY can run on LNG, which means that maintenance intervals may not be required until 90,000 km. This means the truck spends less time in the repair shop and more time on the road. If the fuel consumption is compared with that of similar diesel trucks, an IVECO S-WAY truck running on LNG consumes 7 to 10% less fuel (if used for the same tasks).

CNG (compressed natural gas) is an alternative fuel to gasoline or diesel. A delivery truck running on CNG in fact emits less particulate matter and nitrogen. It also reduces CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

With the IVECO S-WAY you can choose to run on LNG and with the Daily delivery van you can run on CNG.

Would you like to drive on LNG? Then you will receive a compensation of 18.7 cents per kilogram of LNG. This incentive scheme is valid until December 31, 2021 for all truckers who want to switch to LNG.

3 | On and off road

IVECO has trucks that are suitable for on road use and for areas without roads that are more difficult to travel.

On road:

  • Daily
  • Eurocargo

On & off road:

  • Stralis X-WAY

Off road:

  • Eurocargo 4×4
  • Trakker

In addition, you can order from IVECO a bus for passenger transport and a camper van/camper.

4 | Nikola TRE

IVECO is collaborating with the company Nikola on a battery-electric truck: the ‘Nikola TRE’. Production will start in the first quarter of 2021 in Ulm, Germany. The first trucks are expected to be delivered that same year. The first models to be made are the battery-electric 4×2 and 6×2 trucks. These trucks feature modular and scalable batteries that have a capacity of up to 720 kW, plus an electric powertrain that provides up to 480 kW of continuous power.

The TRE is based on the IVECO S-WAY platform and integrates with Nikola’s truck technology, infotainment and controls. Prototypes are expected to be presented in September 2020 at the IAA 2020 commercial vehicle exhibition in Hanover, Germany.

5 | Events

In November 2019 during the IVECO S-WAY Ride & Drive days, everyone could get to know the new truck live. Visitors could take free test drives and the days were festively decorated with food trucks, a bouncy castle and racing simulators. Keep an eye on the IVECO website and social media channels, because there is a lot to do in 2020 as well.

6 | View IVECO S-WAY in style

IVECO has a campaign on social media, where they call on people to submit a request to have a truck designed in the style and colors of the company in question. A number of submissions are chosen, after which IVECO goes to work for them. Usually the designs are so good that companies decide to order an IVECO S-WAY.

7 | Guest lectures

IVECO likes to invest in the future. As a result, several guest lessons have already been given to primary and secondary schools. IVECO’s goal is to create more enthusiasm for the mechanic’s profession and love for IVECO trucks. For example, during a guest lesson from IVECO, students from the Hanze College learned all about an IVECO truck and how companies can keep it in optimum technical condition. IVECO would like to continue organising more of these kinds of guest lessons in the future.

8 | Dakar

In 2020, Team De Rooy participated in the Dakar with their IVECO Powerstar in January. With its off road construction, this truck is ideally suited for this type of competition. Of course Team De Rooy went for the podium, only they finished in an honorable 6th place. They drove hard, but unfortunately suffered from a few flat tires. Next year there will be another chance to fight for the podium.

The photo shows Team De Rooy’s IVECO Trakker in 2017

9 | Assistance Non Stop

IVECO has a service for customers that’s available 24/7. The aim is that wherever you are with your IVECO truck, you can be helped at all times. This customer service is present in 36 European countries. In addition, there are 10 languages in which you can contact the customer service. And the calls are free!

There’s also a ‘Connectivity’ service for the IVECO S-WAY. As a driver you’re in contact with the IVECO specialists in Italy. They can try to help you remotely with problems. In addition, they can permanently follow the vehicle data in order to provide proactive support via the MYIVECO WAY app if necessary.

10 | IVECO Driver Academy

The IVECO Driver Academy offers courses to help you drive in a safer, more environmentally friendly and more fuel-efficient way. The courses also enable you to get to know your new IVECO better so that you’re well prepared to hit the road. The courses apply to the entire IVECO heavy-duty range. In addition, the courses count towards the compulsory periodic training hours (Code 95 of the Competence Directive).

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