SALO, FINLAND - DECEMBER 10, 2016: Blue Scania R580 tank truck moves along highway on a clear day in winter.

10 facts about Scania

For the Scania fans we have looked up 10 facts about Scania. For example, did you know that you can build your own dream Scania truck?

In this blog article you’ll read:

  1. Global
  2. Electric truck
  3. First truck
  4. Age of Scania
  5. 4.147.000 kilometers
  6. 1.827 engine parts
  7. Scania in the Netherlands
  8. Truck competitions
  9. Book with friends
  10. Design your own Scania

1 | Global

Scania offers its trucks in over 100 countries.

2 | Electric truck

On June 22, 2016, the first electric highway was opened in Gäyle, Sweden. The first electric truck that was allowed to drive on it, thus inaugurating the electric highway, was a Scania.

3 | First truck

Scania’s first truck was made in Malmö, Sweden in 1902.

4 | Age of Scania

Scania has been around for 128 years; the company was founded in 1891.

5 | 4.147.000 kilometers

Dane Leif Eriksen has driven 4,147,000 kilometers with his 1980 Scania V8. This is comparable to going to the moon and back five times.

6 | 1.827 engine parts

In 2013, Scania released the new R-series Euro 6 V8. At that time, the engine consisted of no less than 1,827 parts. The Scania V8 engine is best known for its typical powerful engine sound.

7 | Scania in the Netherlands

Since 1946, Scania has been selling its trucks in the Netherlands.

8 | Truck competitions

Since 2003, Scania has been organizing truck competitions. In the beginning, the competitions were mainly for European youth. Since 2018, truckers of all ages could participate. The truck competitions aim to raise awareness of how important experienced truckers are for road safety and improving environmentally friendly fuels.

9 | Book with friends

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Scania released a book of friends in 2018. This book of friends features all kinds of Scania owners with their special Scania trucks.
Watch the book of friends (in Dutch)

10 | Design your own Scania

On the Scania website you can put together your own Scania truck. You can choose what the truck should be used for: urban, regional, long distance or off-road/construction. Then you can choose the type and all the parts. For example, for a tractor unit you can choose the axle configuration and cab. Then you choose the color of your tractor unit, determine the interior and choose exterior items such as headlights. Ideal to build your perfect Scania truck.

Design your own Scania truck

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