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4 tips to increase your online brand awareness

As a trader you have a large stock of trucks, machines and/or parts. Of course you want to reach your potential buyers in as many ways as possible. What are the best ways to do this online?

1 | Share your stock on social media

Nowadays, everyone has an account on one of the social media channels, think: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Chances are that your potential buyers can also be found here. Therefore, create a business page on one or more of these channels.

Then you can start promoting your stock on social media. Did you know we can help with this? We have a Facebook ad booster. With this we bring your stock to the attention of the right potential buyers through our large reach on Facebook. Want to know more about this? Please contact us.

An example of our Facebook ad booster

An online banner is a (moving) image with your logo and message on it. You can place this banner on several relevant websites, where your potential buyers are present. With a banner you can even reach interested buyers who have already seen your stock. This is called retargeting. You reach (target) interested buyers again (re). So this is a great way to keep reminding your interested buyers about your stock.

An example of a banner we placed on our products website when this blog website went live

No idea how to make a banner? We’re here for you. We can provide you with a professional banner set in several sizes suitable for various locations on TrucksNL.

3 | Send a ‘latest stock’ mail

Have you built a customer base with email addresses? Mail them your latest stock. Chances are, in fact, that one of these buyers is looking for more vehicles, machinery or parts.

Below you see our email alert with the latest ads from a particular category

Just be aware that you can’t just email anyone. You have to take into account the legislation around the protection of personal data. In the Netherlands this is the AVG legislation, but also abroad they have legislation like the GDPR. These laws require that you first have permission from someone to mail that person.

You can get permission, for example, by giving your buyer a notification when they make their purchase, like, “By making this purchase, I would like to receive news when there’s new stock”. You then have to make sure that someone can check this box online or sign it offline. Someone must also be able to unsubscribe from your ‘latest stock’ email at any time. Therefore, always include an unsubscribe link.

4 | Be findable in Google

Do you want to be present with your website when someone is looking for what you sell? Then you need to be findable in Google. To be exact, you have to be on the first page in Google.

A study by the SEO company First Page Sage shows that 39.6% clicks on the first search result after the ads in Google, 18.4% on the second result and 10.1% on the third result.

The number of clicks you get in the different spots in Google

SEO? To get or keep one of those spots on the first page at the top, you have to optimize your website, also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Optimizing means making your website even more user-friendly. That way your website users will find what they are looking for faster. For you, that means that they will buy from you faster.

Don’t have your own website yet or could you use some help optimizing your website? Our team of experienced website developers is ready to help you.