Dedicated navigation for truck drivers

For truck drivers, any curve, overpass or narrow street is a potential obstacle that requires precision navigation. Therefore, the life of a truck driver revolves around more than just getting from point A to point B. It is important to arrive safely, on time and in compliance with regulations. These aspects can be overlooked by ordinary GPS systems. But fortunately, there are dedicated navigation systems on the market. In this article, we take a closer look at the need for advanced navigation for truck drivers.

The challenges truck drivers face go beyond those faced by car drivers. Imagine choosing a route and then coming across a low bridge or narrow street that is not suitable for the size of your truck. Such scenarios can lead to delays, fines or safety risks. To avoid such issues, it makes sense to opt for specialised navigation systems. This will prevent surprises and ensure a safe and flawless ride.

    Important functions in truck navigation system

    Navigation systems for trucks come with additional functionalities. These functionalities are aimed at optimally streamlining a journey for a truck driver. For example:

    • Customised routes for trucks (adjusted based on the truck’s specific dimensions, weight and type of load)
    • Live traffic updates (think traffic jams, accidents or road closures are)
    • Warnings of hazards (such as steep slopes, sharp turns or dangerous road conditions)
    • Useful places/stops(truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations and service centres)
    • Up-to-date maps and routes
    • Offline navigation
    • User-friendly interface

    Investing in a navigation system with advanced features can make a big difference in daily activities as a truck driver. Journeys will run a lot smoother as a result. It makes it possible to drive more efficiently and safely to the desired destination.

    Choosing the right truck navigation

    Here we have clarified which functionalities are important in a driver navigation system. Now, to choose the right truck GPS system, we have listed some consideration points:

    • Observe your routes Look at specific challenges you regularly encounter on the road. Do you encounter low bridges, weight restrictions or narrow routes? Do you often drive on remote routes where network coverage is limited? By understanding this, you can find out if routes could be more efficient.
    • Determine the need for key features Think about customised routes, live traffic updates, hazard alerts, truck-specific points and offline navigation. Make sure the system suits your wants and needs.
    • Compare different navigation systems Look for user reviews and ratings to understand their performance and reliability in real life.
    • Consult colleagues or experts Seek advice from fellow truck drivers or industry experts. Their experiences and recommendations can provide valuable insights when choosing the right navigation tool.

    Tom Tom GO Navigation app as a good choice

    Many drivers in Europe use TomTom GO Navigation. For years, TomTom has been one of the biggest players when it comes to navigation systems. Thus, they have also specialised in navigation systems specifically for trucks. To give a few experiences of drivers:

    With the TomTom GO Navigation app, I always have truck navigation with me. The correct route is determined based on my specific vehicle data. On my route, I can see where truck parking spaces, petrol stations and restaurants are, among other things. From now on, I can always spontaneously hit the road with a truck wherever I am.” Eline, truck driver from the Netherlands.
    I often switch between cars, vans and trucks. This app is perfect for me.” Luka, truck driver from Germany.
    “Esimple, fast and effective app.” Florian, truck driver France.
    “The expected arrival times are very accurate.” Luke, United Kingdom.

    TomTom GO Navigation has included specific routes for trucks in their software. It is easy to specify your vehicle size, weight, load type and speed limit to calculate the best route for the vehicle. It also takes into account ADR tunnel regulations and UN classification restrictions. Learn more about all functionalities on their website.

    Clever! The TomTom GO Navigation app is free to try out for 7 days to see if it suits your needs. (Download it from the App Store or Play Store). When you use the app, you can easily use it in any vehicle.

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