Car with horse trailer in the road in Switzerland.

Different types of horse transport

The horse breeder, the management, the professional equestrian, everyone who keeps horses has to deal with it: transporting them. This can be a big job. But not if you have the right means of transport. We list the types of transportation for you.

Horse trailers

A horse trailer is an enclosed trailer. The structure is often made of aluminum, wood or polyester. Have you chosen an aluminum or polyester horse trailer? Then you have relatively little maintenance to the trailer.

Horse trailers are also equipped with side doors and a downward sloping tailgate. You can also add a tack room, so you don’t lose any extra space. Do you want two downward flaps? That’s possible, the side door is often replaced for an additional downward flap.

There are different sizes of horse trailers: 1.5-horse trailer, 2-horse trailers and 3/4-horse trailers. All versions take into account that they can accommodate adult horses. So with a 2-horse trailer, it can hold 2 adult horses. Now you are probably wondering what about a 1.5-horse trailer? This can hold 1 adult horse and 1 foal or pony. In addition, there is a carriage trailer. This is suitable for 2 adult horses with an aluminum frame at the front to attach a carriage.

Horse closed box LCV’s

Horse closed box LCV’s are smaller versions of the truck. These box trucks are up to 3.5 tons and therefore you are allowed to drive them with driver’s license B. A horse closed box LCV has the cabin and loading floor on one chassis compared to a normal truck. Most horse closed box LCV’s have 4 wheels and two axles. A horse closed box LCV is in between a normal truck and a delivery truck.

Horse closed box LCV’s are usually used as a means of transport to competitions. A horsebox trailer can accommodate 1 to 2 adult horses.

Horse trucks

A horse truck is a heavier version of the horse closed box LCV. To drive a horse truck, you need a C driver’s license. A horse truck can carry 3 to 12 horses. These horses are separated from each other by partitions.

Because horse trucks are so large, they can even be equipped with living areas such as bathroom, bedroom and living room. As with the horse trailer, a horse truck can have a tack room.