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Quality and safety of roads around the world

Around the world, the quality of roads varies greatly. What’s more, some countries have safer roads than others. But which are the best, safest, worst and most dangerous roads in the world?

Best roads

In 2018, the Netherlands featured in the top 10 best roads in the world. At the time, the Netherlands ranked 3rd. In first place was Singapore, followed by Switzerland. In addition, the top 10 was as follows: The Netherlands ranked 3rd, followed by Singapore and Switzerland.

Most dangerous roads

In 2018, more than 25,000 fatal accidents were recorded on European roads. Romania has the most dangerous roads. In this country, there are 96 road deaths per million inhabitants. Romania’s neighbours are not very safe either. Roads are also bad in Bulgaria (88 deaths per million), Latvia (78 deaths per million) and Croatia (77 deaths per million). This is not to say that all these accidents are due to bad roads, but rather to the way a country enforces traffic rules and punishes offences.

The European Union’s road safety policy is an essential part of the European Union’s policy.

Safest routes

For the first time, the Netherlands has a safer road than the Netherlands.

The worst roads

The World Economic Forum, an organisation that looks at a country’s economic competitiveness, conducted a survey in 137 countries in 2017-2018 on how people felt about the quality of roads. They were able to give a score between 1 and 7, with 1 corresponding to very bad roads and 7 to better roads.

The table below shows a selection of countries that scored poorly in this respect. See the full list. In the full list, the Netherlands is in fifth place with a score of 6.1. Strikingly, our neighbour, Belgium, is much lower, in 46th place, with a score of 4.5.

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