MONTREAL, CANADA - August 28, 2018: Whatsapp Business android app on Samsung s8 screen. WhatsApp Business app is a tool for businesses which allows to communicate with their customers.

The benefits of WhatsApp Business

Do you want to keep work and private life better separated and also establish your business professionally in WhatsApp? Then WhatsApp Business is the solution for you. But how exactly does it work and how do you install it? And what other advantages does WhatsApp Business have? You read it in this blog article.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business

1 | Directly each other’s contact details
Both you and your client immediately have each other’s contact information: you have the client’s phone number. The client has your name and address information immediately, if you have it set up in WhatsApp Business.

2 | Professional company profile
You can set up a professional business profile with your logo, contact information, website link and opening hours. When customers send you a message, they will see this information. This immediately leaves a professional impression.

3 | Automatic answers
Do you receive a message outside opening hours? Then you can set an automatic reply. For example: “Thank you for your message. We are currently closed. But we will contact you as soon as possible.’

Tip: Set up automatic replies at least bilingually. English and Dutch or a language you do a lot of business in.

4 | Quick messages
You can link entire messages/phrases to one particular word or phrase as you type it. So when you link a standard phrase to the word ‘address’, you send the following sentence: ‘Our address is street name 1, 1234 AB, City name’. This saves you a lot of typing.

There are also these general benefits:

  • You can easily send additional photos and videos via WhatsApp
  • Chat windows can be opened on desktop, so you can respond faster when you’re at the computer
  • You always have the conversation history at hand

Tips for using WhatsApp Business

Use a business number
WhatsApp Business is linked to one unique phone number. We recommend that you use a business number for this, and not have your private WhatsApp account associated with it as well. This is because you cannot link both apps to one phone number. However, you can have both apps on your phone if they are linked to different numbers. You can also transfer the chat history from your private WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Business. This is not possible the other way around, so keep that in mind.

Use a shared cell phone
In addition to a business number, it is best to use a shared cell phone for WhatsApp Business. Because you can only install WhatsApp Business associated with your business number on one phone ( though you can monitor WhatsApp Business from 4 desktops). This phone can then be used by anyone in your company who is currently on ‘WhatsApp service’. This also ensures that all (new) customers and contacts remain the property of the company, and do not move with an employee’s phone when they leave the company.

Create automated messages immediately
Set up automated messages right away so you don’t have to type as much.

Complete your company profile
Fill in all the details of your company profile. This increases the accessibility of your company.

Installing WhatsApp Business

Are you convinced and want to install WhatsApp Business on your phone? Before you install WhatsApp Business, make sure you backup your normal WhatsApp app. Of course, you can also choose to use your company’s landline number for WhatsApp Business instead of your home phone. And then set up WhatsApp Business on a separate company phone.

Through the WhatsApp site, you can follow the step-by-step plan to set up WhatsApp Business on your phone. And don’t worry, WhatsApp Business is completely free!

Receive applications via WhatsApp Business

On TrucksNL, visitors can contact you via WhatsApp. If you set up your WhatsApp Business phone number for this, you will immediately receive requests on your ads in your WhatsApp business account.

Have you not yet given us your WhatsApp (Business) number? Then do it quickly, email us and we will set it up for you. Then your buyers can also reach you through WhatsApp. For privacy reasons, we can’t just add a mobile number even if it is known to us. Therefore we need your permission.