The header photo is a MAN F2000. The photo is courtesy of MAN

What’s the best way to entertain your kids? Right, with lots of fun information and crafts around trucks. But not only for the kids, you can also do some crafts yourself.

In this blog article you’ll read:

Colouring and crafting with IVECO

Iveco has two coloring pages, one of the IVECO S-WAY and one of the IVECO Daily. They also have a crafting sheet of the IVECO Dakar Rally truck of Team De Rooy.

Download the crafting sheet and coloring pages

The IVECO S-WAY is available as a color plate, this photo is from IVECO

The Truckstar Do-book

The Truckstar Do-book (only available in the Netherlands) contains coloring and building pages, puzzles, mazes, brainteasers and fun facts. This will keep the kids busy for a while. If they finish it, they still have a memory game to play.

Order the Truckstar Do-book

Facts about Scania

Scania has put together a whole PowerPoint presentation to be able to do a presentation about the brand. It contains fun facts about the history and all sorts of other things about Scania. Nice for the kids to let them know everything about Scania from the very beginning.

Download the presentation

Image taken from Scania’s PowerPoint presentation

Crafting and colouring with DAF

DAF has coloring and crafting sheets on its website. The crafting sheets can be downloaded in different DAF truck models: the XF, CF, LF and the SpaceCab. There’s even a crafting sheet of the A2000 from 1959. In terms of coloring pages, there’s also a lot of choice and the kids can make their own truck by a ‘connect the numbers’ coloring page.

View the coloring and construction sheets

Learn about the history of MAN

Like Scania, MAN has information for a presentation. Only not in a ready-made PowerPoint presentation. On the MAN website the kids can find a timeline with the corresponding history. They can also download a photo package that includes some oldtimer MAN trucks.

View the presentation information on MAN

Image courtesy of MAN

Build a diorama with Mercedes-Benz

No trucks crafts from Mercedes-Benz unfortunately, but they do have car crafts. The kids can put together a diorama. There is a version for boys and for girls. In addition, they can color a picture of a Mercedes-Benz car or put together a construction board. On the Mercedes-Benz site there’s also a presentation package.

Download the diorama, drawings, construction sheets and presentation information from Mercedes-Benz

Want a bigger challenge as a parent? Then maybe this bed is a nice idea.

Too big a challenge or no printer at home? Then you can always (together with the kids) look at beautiful tractor units and trucks on TrucksNL.