Types of lift trucks

Lift trucks are one of the most important machines in an industrial or logistics company. They can move heavy objects that people cannot carry, making them very useful in any workplace. Read what the most popular lift trucks are and the differences in this blog article.

Different types of lift trucks

The following types of lift trucks are the most common:

1. Forklift

A forklift is a handy tool for transporting goods on pallets. Using spoons, the forklift can effortlessly lift and move pallets. These forklifts are powered by an electric motor for indoor use or an internal combustion engine for outdoor use.

Forklifts are widely used in the transportation industry, warehouses, storage areas, industry and port area.

2. Side loader forklift

Side loader forklifts are perfect for narrow aisles. Their side-mounted forks allow them to pick up wide or long loads that would be difficult or inaccessible to a traditional forklift that can only travel forward.

There are two types of side loaders forklifts sideloader forklift: There are two types of side loader forklifts: the closed-cab for outdoor use and the upright version for indoor use. There is also a multi-way version with swivel wheels for easy movement in any direction. They are ideal for safely and efficiently transporting pipes, tubes and sheet metal. Side loaders are highly sought after in the lumber industry because of their ability to transport long heavy loads in narrow aisles.

3. High-rise trucks/ Articulated forklifts

High-rise trucks are perfect for warehouses with racking because they have a large lift height. The articulated forklifts, also known as a high rise truck, can lift up to more than 16 feet high.

There are two types of high-rise trucks: man-down and man-up. In the man-down, the driver stays down, while in the man-up, the cab moves up with the driver. This makes it easy to pick orders at height.

4. Four-way forklift

The four way forklift is a convenient and maneuverable truck that can travel in four different directions. This forklift increasingly resembles a normal forklift and is mainly used for loading and unloading lumber and sheet metal, as well as construction materials on pallets.

5. All terrain forklift

A all terrain forklift is designed to drive over unsurfaced terrain, including uneven ground like a construction site. Its wheels are larger than a regular forklift and the rough-terrain forklift is powered by a 4×4 wheel drive system. Thus, the forklift does not get stuck in mud easily. A all terrain forklift offers a large lifting capacity and helps you do all your jobs: transporting loads, loading and unloading, moving and dumping. A all terrain forklift is indispensable in the construction, agricultural and industrial sectors.

6. Reachtruck

A reach truck is a vehicle used in warehouses to store pallets of goods on racks or remove them from racks. Reachtrucks are mainly used in areas with narrow aisles and racks. The mast of a reach truck can be extended and retracted, which is also known as reaching.

7. Truck mounted forklift

A Truck mounted forklift is a forklift that can be attached to the back of a truck/semi-trailer chassis. This makes it easier for the driver to load and unload at the customer’s premises.

A truck mounted forklift can slide its forks into the tubes located in the body of a truck. This allows the truck mounted forklift to raise itself up behind the truck. In this way, it hangs behind the truck. Thus, it also does not take up any cargo space.

Are you looking for a lift truck?

Then keep in mind how you will use the lift truck. What needs to be loaded or unloaded? Consider the lifting capacity, the dimensions of work space, the fuel desired and the terrain on which the lift truck will be used.