What should I pay attention to when sending newsletters?

A newsletter is a great way to promote your vehicles or machines to potential buyers. When you send out a newsletter, you want it to be opened and you don’t want the recipient to unsubscribe. So read this blog article to find out what you need to pay attention to when you send out a newsletter.

Decide how often you will send it

You don’t want potential buyers to not open your newsletter or unsubscribe from it. That’s why it’s important to make a plan for yourself, in advance how often you’re going to send out the newsletter. Consider weekly, every few weeks or monthly. Mailing customers too often can cause unsubscribes from your newsletter.

Our advice:

  • Send a newsletter once or twice a month. This depends on how quickly your stock changes each month.
  • Send the newsletter once a week, if you really have new stock every day.

Pay attention to the time of sending

At what moment of the day is a newsletter opened most often and when do people click on ads in your newsletter the most? Is it in the morning, afternoon or evening and at what times? And which day, a weekday or the weekend?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the best time to send out a newsletter. However, research shows that depending on your goal, these can be good days and times:

  • Send the newsletter on Mondays between 12:00 pm and 9:00 pm if you want the newsletter to get opened a lot
  • Send the newsletter on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 4:00 pm, if you want the newsletter to get a lot of clicks
  • Send the newsletter in the evening or on the weekend if your recipients read the newsletter a lot on their mobile phones

These are some general details. But also consider your readers when sending your newsletter: what is their daily schedule? And when do they have time to read your newsletter?

Our advice: send your newsletter at different times and days. This way you test how to get the best results

Finally, good advertising photos naturally contribute to more clicks in the newsletter.

Choose a maximum number of ads

We understand that you want as many advertisements as possible in your newsletter. However, it is better to choose a maximum number of advertisements. A newsletter is meant to promote just a few of the ‘nicest’ or ‘newest’ vehicles/machines in your stock. If someone in your newsletter clicks on a vehicle/machine and gets to your website as a result, he can always check out the rest of your stock.

Make a test list

It is important not to send your newsletter to your customers immediately. Always make a test list first. Put your own e-mail address and maybe that of a colleague in that test list. You can then send the newsletter to yourself (and a colleague) before sending it to clients. In this way you can test whether the newsletter looks good and is the version you want to send to your customers.

Choose the right recipients

Is it an end user?
Did you answer “yes” to this question? Then it is not always interesting to send this person your newsletter regularly. An end user is often a driver or the person who will work with the machine. These people will not need a new vehicle or machine any time soon. What can be done is to approach them again after 1 year. Then the vehicles/machines might be in need of replacement again.

Is it a regular buyer?
If the recipient is a regular buyer, then of course you should always include this person in the recipients of your newsletter. This could be a large customer like a transportation company or large construction company, where vehicles and machines are in need of replacement on a regular basis.

Does what I’m selling fit with this person?
Start looking specifically at who you are sending the newsletter to. Obviously, it makes little sense to mail your construction equipment newsletter to someone who works in the transportation industry.