Will there be more female truckers?

There is a shortage of truckers. That’s why women are now being urged through campaigns to become truck drivers. But what makes this interesting for them?

Shortage of (female) truckers

The economy is growing strongly, and the transport of products and materials is increasing as a result. At the same time, the number of truckers is decreasing, in part because some are retiring. There is also a shortage of female truckers. Only 2-3% of all truck drivers in the Netherlands are women. In order to solve the shortage of truckers, several campaigns have already started.

Transportation sector
The Dutch transportation sector ‘Sector Transport and Logistics (STL)’ itself has started a campaign with the slogan: ‘Everything women want’. With this campaign, the transport sector hopes to increase the number of female truckers in the Netherlands to 10%. There has already been a kick-off of the campaign on October 10, the so-called ‘Ladies Night’, during which women could get acquainted with the profession.

Furthermore, the transportation sector wants to help women with an accelerated training course to become truckers. This accelerated training takes about 3 to 6 months. After that, they can start working immediately. This training is even almost entirely financed by the transport sector.

Benefits for women as truckers

A woman as a trucker you don’t see very often. Many women do not initially choose to become truck drivers. This is often because they aren’t familiar with it. Now, the women drivers out there know the profession as it’s in the family or they have friends who are truck drivers. There is also an image problem when it comes to truck drivers. Women often think they are away from home almost all week and it’s a very lonely profession.

So to make them more aware, of what it really entails and how much satisfaction, freedom and variety there is as a trucker, we list some of the benefits cited by Volvo and the transportation industry:

Part time
Women can work part-time, they are guaranteed at least 32 hours of work per week. In addition, they are guaranteed a one-year contract.

Every day is different. With the truck, drivers get everywhere and build new contacts.

No physical effort
Is driving and unloading a truck tough? Not at all! Nowadays, (almost) all trucks have power steering and packages (which are on pallets) can be loaded and unloaded via forklifts.

Flexibility and freedom
More and more routes are domestic, so can be driven during the day. This means that in the evening the women have their time off and can spend this time with their families and sleep in their own beds.

Trucking is (still) a man’s world. Male colleagues are often very easy to get along with and like a joke from time to time. They also like to help women out if something proves to be difficult.

Whether this will attract more female truckers we will see. In any case we’re in favor, the profession as a trucker is definitely not just a man’s job anymore.

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