10 facts about MAN

You can read everything you want to know about MAN trucks here. For example, did you know that MAN designed the first diesel engine?

In this blog article you’ll read:

  1. 1.000.000 kilometer
  3. Manufacturing of 80.000
  4. Market leader in Germany
  5. App for drivers
  6. The biggest cabin
  7. Most reliable truck brand according to TÜV
  8. Extensive service network
  9. First diesel engine
  10. Design your own MAN

1 | 1.000.000 kilometer

Every MAN driver can register with MAN to participate in ‘MAN of 1 million’, provided that your MAN truck has covered at least 1 million kilometers. When you register you can then win tickets to the Dutch Truckstar Festival and Megatrucks Festival.


MAN is part of the TRATON GROUP, the TRATON GROUP is in turn part of the Volkswagen Group. With the MAN, Scania and Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus brands, the TRATON GROUP is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles worldwide. The RIO brand offers a growing portfolio of digital services and solutions.

3 | Manufacturing of 80.000

MAN manufactures more than 80,000 trucks, vans and buses every year.

4 | Market leader in Germany

MAN is especially popular in Germany, where they’re also the market leader. Since 1758, MAN has had a factory called MAN Truck & Bus AG in Germany.

5 | App for drivers

The free MAN Driver app facilitates the daily work of drivers and vehicle fleet managers. Damages and vehicle defects can be forwarded easily and conveniently with the digital check before driving off. A quick start guide explains the switches and warning lights, voice output is also possible, and in the event of a breakdown on the road, Mobile24 provides optimum and effortless assistance.

6 | The biggest cabin

With the MAN TGX you can choose an XXL cab. This is one of the largest sleeper cabs in Europe. The sleeper cab has a lower and upper bed in the truck. The lower bed has a storage space of about 200 liters and a sliding refrigerator. In addition, the headroom is large, as much as 2.1 meters.

7 | Most reliable truck brand according to TÜV

As of 2012, MAN emerges as the most reliable truck brand with the fewest breakdowns in the reports of TÜV (the German testing and inspection agency).

8 | Extensive service network

MAN Truck & Bus has an extensive service network. With a total of 33 service locations throughout the Netherlands.

9 | First diesel engine

In 1897, Rudolf Diesel designed the first diesel engine together with MAN. The first diesel engine used in MAN trucks was not until 1924. This engine had direct diesel injection.

10 | Design your own MAN

With the MAN truck configurator you can put together your own MAN truck. First you choose the model TGX, TGS, TGM or TGL. Then you can decide what the truck will be used for. From tipper truck to concrete truck, it’s all possible. You can also choose the color and the size of the cabin.

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