10 facts about Mercedes-Benz

Everything you want to know as a true Mercedes-Benz trucker fan you can read here. We have collected 10 facts about Mercedes-Benz for you. For example, did you know that Mercedes-Benz has its own museum?

1 | RoadStars

Mercedes-Benz has an interactive communication platform, RoadStars. On this platform, in addition to drivers, entrepreneurs and truck fans can participate. RoadStars is there to talk about Mercedes-Benz trucks and share beautiful truck photos. In addition, members get to hear the latest news around Mercedes-Benz trucks and exclusive updates on events and offers on Mercedes-Benz trucks.

2 | Design your own Mercedes-Benz

Do you dream of designing your own Mercedes-Benz truck? You can with the design tool from Mercedes-Benz. You can choose from the models Actros, Atego and Arocs. If you choose the Actros, for example, you can select the load volume/capacity for which the truck should be suitable. Then you can put together your own truck, from the engine to the cabin and wheels, among other things. Finally, you can choose the equipment, such as how the interior will look and what kind of lighting will be fitted.

3 | Trucktraining

For 45 years Mercedes-Benz has been providing truck training courses in which drivers not only learn how to drive safely, but also how to drive more economically. The training courses are for beginner as well as experienced drivers.

4 | Uptime

Uptime is a built-in system in Mercedes-Benz trucks. This system ensures that unplanned downtime is limited and makes repairs schedulable. The system can be made available to the truck driver by entering into a service contract (Complete, Select or SelectPlus). But the system is also available without a service contract.

5 | Fuel Duel

Fuel Duel is a campaign by Mercedes-Benz in which companies can test the new Actros for two weeks. Drivers are guided and given tips on how to drive more economically. As a result the drivers can save more than 5% on fuel. The slogan of this campaign is “Go the extra mile!”. In addition, thanks to improved technology, the new Actros is about 5% more fuel-efficient than the previous model.

6 | LED ambient lighting

With all Mercedes-Benz trucks, you can choose LED ambient lighting in the truck. The colors are adjustable from warm gold to green and red.

7 | First truck in the world

Mercedes-Benz made the world’s first truck in London on October 1, 1896. This truck had a 2-cylinder ‘Phoenix’ engine and was made for a load of up to 1,500 pounds.

8 | Museum

In Stuttgart, Germany, Mercedes-Benz has its own museum. In this museum you can see old trucks, as well as other vehicles and parts from Mercedes-Benz.

9 | Blind spot assistant

The Actros and Arocs have had blind spot assistant since 2016. This is part of the safety system in these trucks. If someone is cycling or walking in the truck’s blind spot, this is noticed by the so-called ‘Sideguard Assist’ in the mirror camera and the driver receives a signal. This signal is by means of a message (a yellow triangle for the 1st alarm phase or red triangle when there is a risk of collision) on his display.

10 | No rear view mirrors

The latest Actros is the first truck to no longer have rearview mirrors. This truck has cameras and screens on the inside, also called the MirrorCams.

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