10 facts about Volvo Trucks

Everything a Volvo fan wants to know about their favorite truck brand. For example, did you know that you can view trucks 360 degrees on the Volvo Trucks Netherlands website?

In this blog article you’ll read:

  1. Socially active
  2. Future proof
  3. Electric
  4. NK Veiligste Chauffeur
  5. Online magazines
  6. LNG
  7. Drivers training
  8. Volvo Truck Start App
  9. Interactive overwiew
  10. I roll

1 | Socially active

Volvo Trucks is very active when it comes to society. One example is the campaign to get more female truckers.

2 | Future proof

Volvo Trucks released the “Vera” in 2018. A driverless electric truck.

3 | Electric

In addition to the Vera, Volvo also has two other electric trucks: the FL and FE Electric. These trucks are (thankfully) still drivable by drivers.

4 | NK Veiligste Chauffeur

Volvo Trucks supports the Dutch competition ‘NK Veiligste Chauffeur’. Participants in this competition have to do challenging practical tests and are tested on their knowledge of theory if they reach the finals. In addition, they must not have had a conviction/punishment/measure regarding unsafe driving or causing a traffic accident in the past five years.

5 | Online magazines

Volvo Trucks no longer has paper magazines, instead all magazines can be read online for free. These contain beautiful images of and the latest news about Volvo trucks.

6 | LNG

Volvo has trucks that run on LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). For Volvo Trucks, LNG is the most balanced and environmentally friendly fuel for the longer distance in the coming years and forms a transition fuel to the 100% CO2-free bio-LNG.

7 | Drivers training

Investing in well-trained drivers is important to Volvo Trucks. That’s why professional drivers can take training courses to further improve their driving performance, consume less gasoline and get less wear and tear on their trucks.

8 | Volvo Truck Start App

The Volvo Truck Start App lets drivers experience how their new Volvo truck works through games before, during and after delivery. In this way, they quickly learn how to optimally use the functions and systems once they have the truck. The App is used during the one-time vehicle handover.

9 | Interactive overview

On the Volvo Trucks website you can view trucks in an interactive overview. This is a 360-degree view, in which you can click on different parts for (videos with) more information.

10 | I roll

Ever stop to think what the name Volvo means? Volvo is Latin for ‘I roll’.

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