5 tips om beter te verkopen

7 tips to sell more, easier and in less time

Want to sell more, more easily and in less time? Then read our experience tips that we are happy to share with you to target the buyers you want.

    When you start advertising, it is important to set up a good ad. Have you clearly described your vehicle or machine? Does the reader know what the technical details are? What belongs to the interior and exterior? Have you clearly named what the damage is? Are there any extras? Make sure there are no surprises for the potential buyer.

    Furthermore, you want your ad to stand out with a catchy title. Briefly and powerfully state the content of your ad in 1 sentence. Think about the reader, what do they find important to read? If you are selling a van, put the make, type and plus points in the title. Example: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311 CDI GB L1 FWD | Automatic | Airco | NAVI

    Tip 2 | Take professional photos

    Professional ad photos contribute to a faster sale. You can take professional photos just with your mobile these days, as long as the photos are sharp. So our advice is to take enough photos of all sides and, of course, the inside. If the photos are posted on an advertising website, it is useful to check in advance what type of photos are to be taken: format, portrait or landscape.

    Tip 3 | Make a video

    On some sales websites, you get a higher ranking if you post a video of your product. This means that your ad is displayed better in search results than other ads. Potential buyers will thus get a better picture of your product, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

    Tip 4 | Make your ad multilingual

    Want a global reach? Then make sure you create your ad in multiple languages! A Polish potential buyer will probably look for a van on the internet in their own language. A van in Polish is a vany. If you do not have vany anywhere in your ad, your ad will probably not be found by this potential buyer. A shame! Because this obviously applies to several nationalities.

    Tip 5 | Advertise on multiple portals

    By advertising your product on the internet, you reach more (potential) buyers. Make sure you advertise your product on multiple portals so you increase your reach and sell your product faster and easier in less time.

    Tip 6 | Reach more buyers with online marketing

    With online marketing methods, you can ensure that you not only reach more people, but also the right people who are interested in your product. The best-known method is retargeting: this allows you to reach visitors again who have visited your website or viewed your ads, and you can raise awareness of your business or advertisements again.

    Tip 7 | Make sure your business is remembered

    Want (potential) customers to remember your business after viewing your ad? Then work on your name recognition! Make sure a banner of your company is shown on multiple marketing channels to be top of mind with potential buyers. Through recognition and repetition, the (potential) customer becomes more familiar with your company. This makes them more likely to do business with you.