Buy or sell your truck with DeTruckfinancier

De Truckfinancier is the new leasing partner of TrucksNL. A partnership with De Truckfinancier makes it possible for sellers to sell their vehicle to small and medium-sized businesses through a lease contract. After all, a truck or trailer can be a big investment for an SME. De Truckfinancier helps them do this, making the purchase a lot more attractive. Wouter Dijksterhuis, owner of De Truckfinancier, is happy to explain exactly what they do.

The face behind The Truck Financier

“My name is Wouter Dijksterhuis. I have been the owner of De Truckfinancier since 2008. For 15 years, we have been helping customers and dealers when it comes to financial lease applications in the transportation industry. Our strength lies in quickly financing the value of the vehicle.

De Truckfinancier mediates lease contracts for SMEs for trucks and trailers, we help dealerships and dealers sell the truck or trailer. Nothing more and nothing less. We have been doing this very successfully for 15 years. From lease application to vehicle delivery. We guide you through the entire process, getting everything ready on time and all the necessary documents in the bank so that you as a dealership or dealer get the payment and the customer can pick up the vehicle on time.

Since the end of last year, we started a partnership with TrucksNL. The objective of the cooperation is to join forces to increase the joint position in the leasing market, especially the transportation sector. By combining our contacts at banks, our knowledge and available resources with the excellent contacts of suppliers and transport companies at TrucksNL, we hope to achieve a powerful partnership.

Together we are stronger!

Do you have a small or medium-sized business? Don’t want to make a big investment to buy a truck or trailer all at once? Then leasing might be for you.
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