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This is how you can use wifi in the truck on the go

Do you have a laptop as a trucker and want to be able to use wifi on the go? Then you have a number of options. In most cases, you can enable wifi yourself in the truck. You always need a SIM card from a cell phone provider to do this. You can then install this SIM card in a device, such as a mifi router or a wifi dongle.

Ways to get wifi in the truck

Using a device like a mifi router or a wifi dongle, it is possible to install the SIM card. Next, the device will connect to the mobile provider and then activate a hotspot. That way, occupants of a truck can use Wi-Fi with whatever device they want. But beware: before using these methods, it is important to consider the terms of your mobile subscription. In fact, you may not use your mobile Internet subscription as an Internet connection for long periods of time. The providers see that as abuse.

Make use of a mifi router

For trucks, it’s best to use a dedicated mifi router. You can usually plug this mifi router into the cigarette lighter. So you can easily build wifi into your truck. Charging is then not necessary. Doesn’t your truck have a cigarette socket? Then you need a battery-powered mifi router. You can also opt for a normal mifi router that you can charge in advance. These routers are easy to carry around and have a battery life of up to 10 hours.

To use a mifirouter, you do need a SIM card. Every mobile provider with whom you take out a mobile subscription provides such a SIM card. It is not a problem for providers to consume mobile Internet while driving. Typically, you are allowed a maximum of about 5 to 20 GB per day, until you can order new MBs for free.

Using phone as hotspot with Sim only

A good way to do comply with the provider’s conditions is to use your smartphone as a hotspot. Most modern smartphones have a feature on board that allows you to use mobile data as a hotspot. After activating the hotspot, you can use wifi with any device that supports wireless Internet immediately

For example, you can get a Sim only subscription where you have few or no calling minutes, but only an Internet subscription. In such a case, the best choice is often to take out an unlimited data bundle. Then the SIM card only needs to be installed in phone and the hotspot activated. Just keep in mind that to prevent abuse, you often have to deal with a maximum usage per day. After that, you can order GBs again. Re-ordering is quite easy: by sending a text message or ordering it in the provider’s app. Again, you should not use it for long periods of time to surf the Internet.

Using the SIM card as a Wi-Fi hotspot in the truck is fine, but you should not turn it into a permanent Internet connection for home. Using a sim card for wifi on the go is better than using public wifi at hotels and restaurants. Police have been warning of its dangers for years. This allows criminals to capture login credentials or eavesdrop on connections.

Use a wifi dongle

Don’t have a smartphone and want to use a smaller device than a mifi router? Then using the truck wifi dongle may be a solution. All you need is a truck with a USB connection. Most new cars have such a jack on the console. In older trucks, you can make a USB connection using the cigarette plug. A wifi dongle is a relatively small and handy device, just slightly larger than a USB stick. You can use this wireless wifi in virtually any truck, including a company truck.

The advantage of a wifi dongle over a mifi router is that you don’t have to charge it. This is because the stick receives power from the USB port. A dongle has a mini antenna, so the range is generally worse than if you use a mifi router or smartphone hotspot. In addition, the throughput is often lower, so the Internet connection is also slower. Make sure you purchase a dongle that supports at least 4G or 5G and Wi-Fi. You then insert a SIM card into the wifi dongle to connect to the Internet.