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Buying a truck in 2022? Here’s what to look out for

It’s the start of the new year. With the good times of the holiday season still fresh in our minds, we want to take a look at the new year ahead. Are there any major changes on the horizon in the transport sector? And what exactly should you look out for if you want to buy a (used) truck in 2022?

In this blog article you’ll read:

Expension of environmental zones

As of January 1, the already existing green environmental zones in the Netherlands will only be accessible with a Euro 6 engine. In addition, the municipality of Haarlem will introduce an environmental zone for trucks with this access requirement as of 1 January 2022. Also, as of 1 January 2022, the Euro VI zone Maasvlakte will be converted into an environmental zone Maasvlakte Rotterdam.

So check carefully for yourself whether you and your truck need access to such an environmental zone. A fine for entering one of these zones with an insufficient emission standard is €250,- per violation.

A Dutch environmental zone marked on the road

Toll rates abroad

In Germany, toll rates have already been increased as of October 1, the difference between a Euro 6 and a Euro 4 is now 2.2 cents per kilometer. Austria has also indicated its intention to raise the rates again in 2022, here the differences between Euro 6 and lower standards will also increase again.

Countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and Italy make no distinction in Euro standard on toll roads, here you pay toll only to the weight of your vehicle.

Pay attention to toll rates abroad

Weight on license plate

More and more often we see trucks being imported from southern European countries because of the favorable climate. The bodywork and chassis of these vehicles are almost unaffected by bad weather conditions or road salt.

In itself, this is of course extremely beneficial for the life of your truck, but you must realize that different load capacities apply in these countries. In most southern countries there is a maximum total weight of 44 tons, while in the Netherlands it’s 50 tons.

When you take such a vehicle to an authority for a license plate, that authority will adopt the maximum weight of 44 tons. Do you want to use your truck up to 50 tons in the Netherlands? Then you will first have to apply for new papers from the manufacturer or importer of the brand of your new vehicle.

If a truck is imported, you should always pay close attention to this to avoid a lot of hassle later on.

The rating plate on the left shows the maximum weight of 44 tons, the rating plate on the right shows 50 tons


The smart tacho 2 is already a fact: from 21 August 2023, every newly registered vehicle must be equipped with it.

For drivers who prefer to enjoy the ‘advantages’ of an analog tachograph, those days are now over. For existing vehicles there is a retrofit obligation, which means that they must also have the latest version of the smart tacho from a certain date. For vehicles with analog and digital tachographs that date is no later than December 31, 2024 for vehicles with smart tacho 1 it is no later than August 21, 2025.

Of course, the cost of replacing the tachograph is for the owner of the vehicle itself.


If you decide to buy a used truck in the coming year, make sure you know where you are going to use it.

Will the truck mainly be used in the Netherlands? As long as you do not use it in the various environmental zones, a Euro 4 or 5 will do just fine. Make sure that the license plate corresponds to the rules in force in your country.

Bear in mind that you will not be able to ‘enjoy’ an analog tachograph for much longer. And that the cost of a new tachograph will be in addition to the purchase of your car.

Do you often take your truck across the border to Germany, for example? Then take into account the difference in toll costs between the various Euro standards.

Above all, choose a truck that makes your heart beat faster, because life is too short to drive around in an ugly truck. 😉