Fusion 4 Plus

Greater efficiency through new baler-wrapper combination

A new baler-wrapper combination that focuses on maximum efficiency is here! This is the Fusion 4 Plus from the Irish brand McHale. The new solutions guarantee higher baling densities resulting in better and tighter bales.

In this article you will learn more about:

The main innovations of the McHale Fusion 4 Plus

The McHale Fusion 4 Plus (with foil-binding technology) houses numerous innovations that makes the entire process faster and better. User-friendliness and comfort were the guiding principles when designing the new Fusion 4 series. Therefore, every step in this baler-wrapping combination has been further optimized. From picking to pressing and wrapping.

With the McHale Fusion4 Plus you are able to choose between a pick-up with 5 tine bars with cam track or a version with 6 tine bars without cam track (optional).

McHale has implemented several innovations after the pick-up tines in order to optimize crop flow. For example, the new tapered transit channel promotes crop throughput from the Profi-Flow pick-up to the rotor all the way into the bale chamber. This increases crop throughput and thus capacity. Better crop intake and throughput also reduces blockages. In addition, the pick-up has an “adaptive” function. This automatically adjusts the pick-up height. This responds to changes in crop flow according to light, heavy or irregular swaths.

To reduce maintenance, all Profi-Flow-balers are equipped with a stronger driveline. This reduces peak loads on the drive chains, thus extending their service life.

The benefits of a 1000 rpm gearbox

McHale supplies all Fusion 4 machines with a 540-rpm (rpm) gearbox as standard. An optional 1,000 rpm version is available and offers a number of advantages. For example, a higher PTO speed reduces torque. This reduces short, heavy peak loads on the driveline. There is 10% more capacity, a reduced risk of stalling and higher throughput is possible. Since the tractor’s engine runs at a lower speed, fuel is also saved.

The version of the Mchale Fusion4 Plus

The McHale Fusion 4 series features a special grease and oil lubrication system that is controlled in turn. This ensures continuous and regular lubrication. A wider net or foil brake is fitted to all Plus versions, allowing 25% more forward reach. This is especially useful when working in colder conditions.

A small control panel has been added to the rear of the Pro and Plus versions. This allows the operator to control some machine functions.

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