Truck on highway in the highlands

How do I keep my truck cool?

During summer, you often have the chance of high temperatures. And high temperatures inside your cab can negatively affect how you feel behind the wheel. Persistent heat can cause fatigue and headaches, among other things. So how do you keep it cool in your truck?

In this blog article, we describe 3 ways to cool down your truck:

Air conditioning

Nowadays, most trucks are air-conditioned. Drivers often only turn on the air conditioning when it’s very hot in the truck. But did you know that it’s best to use the air conditioning all year round? Air conditioners extract moisture from the air and convert it into cooler air. As a result, the interior of your truck does not become damp and the windows stay cleaner. Regular use of the air conditioner also keeps the system working. This saves on leakages and repair costs.

There are three types of air conditioning:

  1. Manually operated
    This allows you to turn the air conditioning up or down and you decide for yourself whether you want cooler or warmer air.
  2. Semi-automatic
    The air conditioner monitors the temperature inside the truck. However, you must determine the force with which the cold (or warm) air is blown into the truck.
  3. Automatically
    Air conditioners that are fully automatic are called ‘climate control’ systems. These have numerous sensors to automatically maintain optimal temperatures, and you can determine this temperature for yourself.

The best way to maintain an air conditioner is to have it checked every year and refilled every other year. The refrigerant should be refilled regularly, otherwise the air conditioning can break down due to it running dry. In addition, a malfunctioning air conditioning system has a negative effect on fuel consumption.

In the summer months, the temperature in your truck can be very high, making reliable cooling necessary

Climate control

Climate control, as mentioned before, is an automatic air conditioning system. It ensures that the desired temperature is always maintained inside your truck. You set it, and the climate control system regulates it, no matter how hot or cold it is outside and/or inside your truck. Climate control is not standard on every truck. Nevertheless, there are many trucks and tractors units on TrucksNL that have climate control.

Parking cooler

Trucks with regular air conditioning or climate control can still get very hot. This happens when you have to stop for loading and unloading or when you sleep in your truck. Many drivers leave the engine on when they sleep in order to ensure that the air conditioning keeps things cool. This is bad for fuel consumption and causes noise, which makes it difficult for the driver to sleep well. A good rest is very important for staying focused in traffic. This is why there’s also the option of a parking cooler.

A parking cooler works independently of the truck’s engine. This allows you to keep the truck cool during loading and unloading or during rest periods. A parking cooler has a cooling capacity of between 800 and 1000 watts. Because the parking cooler does not use the engine, you save fuel and limit CO2 emissions. A parking cooler is also energy efficient and lasts a long time.

Don’t have a parking cooler on your truck yet? It can always be retrofitted on all types of trucks. There are various types of parking coolers:

  • The roof parking coolers
    These are two separate units; one is placed on the roof of the cab and the other is placed inside the cab. They are connected by a cooling pipe.
  • The back or rear wall parking coolers
    The back or rear wall air conditioner is attached to the outside or inside of the rear wall of the cab. This is a good solution for cabs that are very high or for cabs where height limitations must be taken into account during installation.
  • The hatch or roof hatch parking coolers
    This standard parking cooler is installed entirely without pipes, welding or drilling on the opening of your truck’s roof hatch.

This truck is equipped with a parking cooler

Parking coolers can prevent complaints that occur with persistent heat such as fatigue, decreased concentration, headaches and dizziness. This ensures more safety on the road and better work performance. Research shows that the ideal ambient temperature is 18 degrees. This affects, among other things, the quality of your sleep as well as the length of your sleep. A parking cooler ensures that even when the engine is switched off, the cab maintains an optimum temperature.

A parking cooler is an investment, the price being between €1000 and €2000. Are you interested in purchasing a parking cooler? Take a look at our website. There are often parking coolers offered at reasonable prices on TrucksNL.

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