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How do I make good ad videos?

You don’t necessarily have to use a video camera to make a good advertising video; you can also do this with your cell phone. By following these tips you can easily create a good advertising video.

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Why are (good) advertising videos necessary?

If you have a (good) advertising video with your advertisement, your advertisement may catch the eye of potential buyers more quickly. You will get the label ‘video’ on our website. Potential buyers can then get a better idea of your vehicle or machine. This increases the chance of selling your vehicles and/or machines.

Tip 1 | Company name

Make sure you start the ad video with, for example, your truck for sale in front of your business building with your business name on it. This will give your company more brand awareness and prevent people from using your ad video illegally.

In this advertising video, the truck stands in front of the TrucksNL premises

Tip 2 | Short

Keep the ad video as short as possible (2 minutes at most). Short ad videos can be viewed quickly, allowing the potential buyer to see immediately what they can buy. You can keep the video short by not repeating any images, for example. You then start filming on the driver’s side and walk around the vehicle. Also show the cabin and film what it looks like under the hood. In addition, you can play the engine sound. In the case of a crane, you can also film how it extends.

Tip 3 | Landscape

You can make an ad video portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal). Landscape videos often look better than portrait videos. This is because portrait videos will have two black areas on the side. This is because the video frame on TrucksNL is set to landscape videos.

This ad video was created in portrait mode, so black areas appear on the sides, therefore it’s better to make the video in landscape mode

Tip 4 | Sharp

When filming, make sure you keep your device you’re filming with still. This will allow the device you’re filming with to focus on its own. It’s also useful to use a stand on which you can place your mobile or video camera. This will keep it still and in focus automatically.

The ad video below does not have a sharp image. Please avoid this

Tip 5 | Focus

Put the focus on what you’re selling, so make sure there are no distractions like people walking by. For example, if you’re selling a truck, make sure you start the ad video with your truck all the way in the shot. Later in the video you can focus on details and the inside of your vehicle.

Tip 6 | Light

If you’re going to film, do so during the day or in a lighted area. Otherwise, you can see almost nothing on the ad video. Furthermore, make sure that you don’t get backlighting. This is light that shines straight into the camera. This will overexpose the video and you’ll not be able to see anything on it.

This ad video doesn’t show the crane well, due to it being filmed in the evening

This ad video has too much backlight from the sun, so you can’t see the crane properly

In this ad video, the crane can be seen quite well because there is plenty of daylight but no backlighting

Tip 7 | Sound

You can choose whether to create your ad video with or without sound. We recommend that you make your ad video with sound. For example, with sound on you can show how the engine or the horn of the vehicle sounds. Make sure that there are not too many, or preferably no, other disturbing noises from the environment.

In addition, don’t put music under your ad video. Not everyone has the same taste in music, so people who don’t like the music may find it distracting. Also, not all music can be used just like that. There may be rights attached to it, which means you can be fined if you use the owner’s music without his permission.

By practicing a lot with these tips, you’ll learn how to create good ad videos in a short amount of time.