How do I make good ad videos?

Creating a good promotional video doesn’t necessarily have to be done with a video camera. You can also do it with a mobile phone. If you follow these tips, you can easily create good promotional videos.

Why are promotional videos necessary?

If you include an ad video with your advert, it will be noticed more quickly by potential buyers. Your advert will be marked as a ‘video’ on our website. Potential buyers can get a better idea of your vehicle or machine with a video. This significantly increases the chances of your vehicles and/or machines being sold and they are sold more quickly.

Tip 1 | Show your company name

Place the product you want to sell with your logo in front of your business premises. Or place a canvas/flag with your logo near your vehicle or machine. This will increase awareness of your company and prevent anyone from using your promotional video unlawfully.

Tip 2 | Keep it short

Keep the promotional video as short as possible (maximum 2 minutes). Short promotional videos can be viewed quickly, so the potential buyer can immediately see what to expect. You can keep the video short by not repeating images, for example.</p

For a vehicle: start the recording on the driver’s side and walk around the vehicle. Show the interior and what it looks like under the bonnet. You can also make the engine sound. For a vehicle with functions (such as a crane) or a machine, you can also film how it works.

Tip 3 | Filming while lying down

You can film a promotional video in portrait format (vertical) or landscape format (horizontal). Videos in landscape format often look better than videos in portrait format. This is because videos in portrait format have two black areas on the side. This is because the video frame in TrucksNL is set to videos in landscape format.

Tip 4 | Ensure a sharp image

Make sure that you hold your device steady when filming. This allows the device to focus on its own.

Tip 5 | Focus on your product

Focus on what you are selling. Make sure your vehicle or machine is clearly visible at the beginning of the video. Later in the video, you can focus on details and the interior of your vehicle. Avoid distractions such as people driving past or other moving objects.

Tip 6 | Use the right light

If you want to take photos, you should do so in daylight or in a well-lit room. Moderate to low light has a negative effect on the result. Also make sure that you avoid backlighting (light shining directly into the camera). This will overexpose the video and you won’t be able to recognise anything on it.

Tip 7 | Sound or no sound?

You can choose whether you want to create your advert video with or without sound. We recommend creating your advert video with sound. This way you can hear what the engine or horn of the vehicle sounds like. Just make sure that there are no or only a few other disturbing background noises.

! Don’t put music under your promotional video. Not everyone has the same music interests, which is why music can be perceived as disturbing. In addition, not just any music can be used for copyright reasons.

Video ready? Upload it to your own YouTube channel. When you create an advert, simply add the URL of your YouTube video. This way we will automatically upload the video to your sales advert. Good luck with filming!