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How to create a successful business page on social media

Nowadays, everyone can be found on social media. So are your buyers. That’s why it’s important to have your own business page on one or more social media channels. But how do you make such a page successful?

There are of course several social media channels where you can create a business page. In this blog article you’ll read about setting up a Facebook and LinkedIn business page, because we’re specialized in these.

Why do I need a social media business page?

You need one or more social media business pages to increase your brand awareness online with your target audience and build a ‘community’.

A community is a group of people who share the same interests, which you as a company can connect to with your products/services. Through social media people get to know new companies and products. In addition, they can use social media to contact companies more easily. But that’s not the most important thing.

You need a business page on social media because:

You build a connection with your target audience
When you use your social media business pages well, you ensure that your potential buyers have a positve experience with your company. Are they looking for something you sell? Then they’re more likely to choose you over the competitor they don’t know yet.

Which social medium works best for my business?

To know which social media channel to choose, you need to understand where your potential buyers (your target audience) are most active. You do this by first establishing who your potential buyers are. Think of:

  • What country are they from?
  • In what sector do they work?
  • What is their profession?
  • What are their interests?

Social media often have their own tools that show you how large a particular target group is. For example, with Facebook you can see how big your target group is on Facebook when creating an ad.

Below you can see an example of an audience size in Facebook Business Ads Manager

How do I create a business page?

Creating a business page is a piece of cake. For this you first need an account on a social medium. That account is the ‘administrator’ of your business page.

Good to know:

You can later add multiple people who can edit your social media business pages. Conveniently, you can assign different roles for this in both Facebook and LinkedIn. The highest role of ‘administrator’ is allowed to edit anything on the page. But a role like ‘content creator’ can do much less. So pay attention to that.

An example of what roles you can assign for the editors of your LinkedIn business page LinkedInbedrijfspagina

What does it cost?

Creating a business page on social media is completely free! Furthermore, from our experience, it takes about 20 minutes of your time to set it up and about one hour per week for posting.

Organic posts

All ‘normal’ posts you make on your own business page are also free. These are ‘organic posts’.

For example, offering a vehicle you have for sale on your page. Those who will then see this message are:

  • Some of your followers
  • Friends and family of your followers (if one of your followers shares it through their account)
  • People who follow hashtags* that you use

*A hashtag is a word or phrase that follows after the ‘#’ symbol. For example, #trucks. You put this at the end of your message. Subsequently, non-followers of your page who do follow #trucks will also see this message.

We actively use hashtags in our normal organic posts on LinkedIn


Note that you can choose to pay for posts on social media in addition to “normal” organic posts. These are ads.

This allows you to reach more targeted potential buyers. You can create an ad immediately, or convert an organic message into an ad.

With an advertisement you determine your target group. This can be your followers, but also people who aren’t following your page yet but are interested in your business. With a normal organic message you can’t choose exactly who your target group is. Your target group is always automatically your followers of your business page. And if you are lucky also friends and family of your followers, if your followers share your message.

Do you not yet have much experience with advertising on social media? Or do you simply have not enough time for it? We can help you with our Facebook ad booster. Want to know more about that? Please, contact us.

A promoted ad of ours on Facebook

An example of our Facebook ad booster

What is the best content to post on social media?

You can post different sort of messages on social media. You can promote your stock, give tips around your business, or reply to current events. These are some often good scoring posts on social media business pages.

Also, some posts work better than others on different social media. For example, posts in which you share knowledge work well on LinkedIn and posts like promoting your stock work better on Facebook.

This is an example of a normal organic post in which we have advertised one of our advertiser’s vehicles (for free)

How often and when should I post something on social media?

How often and when it is best to post something on social media differs per target group and also per channel. It’s all about seeing what works for your target group. On both Facebook and LinkedIn (go to your business page and click on ‘statistics’ underneath your logo) you can see statistics about which times and days your target group is most active. This is unfortunately more difficult if your target group is international. Times differ per continent.

Therefore, it may be best to create a rhythm for yourself and stick to it. For example, two posts per day. Your followers will know what to expect and will actively seek out your business page.

An example of what statistics from your business page might look like on Facebook

An example of what statistics for your business page might look like on LinkedIn

Do you want to increase your online brand awareness even more? Then you need to use other tools as well.