Hydrogen powered trucks

There are many innovations going on in terms of the search for environmentally friendly fuels. For example, it will soon be possible to drive a truck on hydrogen.

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Nikola is an American start-up that wants to run trucks on hydrogen. Hydrogen? Absolutely! By means of a fuel cell [1] hydrogen can be converted into electricity.

Cooperation Nikola nad IVECO

IVECO’s parent company, Case New Holland, is interested in further developing zero-emission trucks and is therefore entering into a partnership with Nikola. Nikola will provide the hydrogen technology and IVECO will contribute to building the truck. For this, IVECO has invested 250 million in the start-up. This makes it 25% owner of Nikola.

In addition, IVECO can ensure that dealers who can offer Nikola hydrogen trucks are spread across several continents. If something breaks down on the truck, a repair location is always nearby. IVECO also wants to help set up fuel stations in Europe that can make their own hydrogen.

Hydrogen trucks

Nikola is currently developing three models:

The first model includes a sleeper cab, 360-degree cameras, and yet exterior mirrors. On the inside, there’s a 21-inch touchscreen next to the steering wheel. In addition, the braking power is very powerful with a reaction time of only 10 milliseconds.

The Two has a distinctive American torpedo nose, but is more subtle in size and appearance than the standard torpedo nose. This model also has a system in the mirrors with cameras similar to those of Mercedes-Benz’s MirrorCam. Furthermore, the Two is equipped with a day cab and the brand name Nikola is displayed in LED.

This model is without a torpedo front, so in the style of the European truck with front steering. Like the Two, the Tre (three in Norwegian) has cameras instead of mirrors. But in the Tre, it’s possible to sleep. The sleeping cabin has two beds and there’s a cinema function. This is a small projector that can project movies and other media, onto a screen that can come down from the top of the windshield.

The Tre with hydrogen technology is suitable for medium and long distances of 800 to 1,200 kilometers. There will also be a Tre that can be used for regional transport. This type will have an electric drive instead of hydrogen.


The plan is that by the end of 2022 Iveco can start offering Nikola trucks in Europe. Booking a Nikola is free!

Sources (in Dutch):

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