This is how to create better ads in less time

Every day we see ads appearing on TrucksNL that contain little information about the item. These ads are less well viewed and it is also full of unnecessary. With 1 click, you can automatically add important properties to an advertisement.

Use the license plate

Every ad form in TruckDelta provides the option to retrieve data using the license plate number.

    • Fill in the registration number
    • Click “Get data”

The license plate number is NOT shown with your ads

We only use the registration number to retrieve vehicle data from various sources including the RDW. We also do not send the license plate along via linking stock. So even on other portals, the registration number will not be visible either.

So make it easy on yourself and get:

    • Less unnecessary questions
    • Higher quality comments
    • up to 60% more time for other things

Properties that we cannot automatically complete for you are also important. The more properties you fill in the better your ads perform. The statistics of millions of ads over the years have proven this. Want to know more about why and how exactly this works? Read the article on how to make your ads perform up to 7x better.