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Ads perform up to 7x better by filling in recommended fields.

When you advertise on a platform like TrucksNL, it is important that you fill in as many properties of the vehicle as possible. While filling in all the properties may seem time-consuming, filling them in can have a big impact on the success of your ads.

Advantages of optimised ads

    • More visibility When you fill in all recommended fields with an ad, the ad will show up better in search results and be displayed more often to the right target audience.
    • Higher in the search results The higher your ad ranks, the more likely a visitor will view and respond to your ad. It’s as simple as that.
    • More responses and higher conversion rate If you fill in all recommended fields with an ad, responses become more concrete and the chances of a sale are higher.
    • Better targeting and greater reach The more properties we know about a vehicle, the better we can show your vehicles to the right target group on TrucksNL*. But TrucksNL also has a huge reach outside our own platform through Facebook and Google.

How do I recognise recommended fields?

When you create/edit an ad in TruckDelta, you will see some fields labelled recommended.

Why are these fields recommended?

These fields are marked as “recommended” because visitors often use these filters or type them as search queries.

Non-recommended fields are NOT less important

Over 13,000x a month visitors to TrucksNL click on the “Retarder” filter. So an important feature, but it is not a recommended field in TruckDelta. How so? Not all trucks have a retarder. We cannot label unique features or equipment as a recommended field.


Filling in all the recommended fields with an ad may seem time-consuming, but it can have a big impact on the success of your ads. By filling in all the relevant information of your ad in TruckDelta, your ads are going to perform better and get a much bigger reach.

Optimised ads are rewarded

* Target specific audiences thanks to “Featured for you” ads on TrucksNL. Relevant ads visible to the individual visitor based on their history. By filling in recommended fields, your ads are more likely to be seen in them.