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What you need to know about truck insurance

Are you a self-employed driver or an SME and have yet to arrange truck insurance (in the Netherlands)? Find out what you need to know about truck insurance in this blog article.

The 3 different types of truck insurance cover

With truck insurance, you insure damage to or caused by your truck. Are you going on the road with your truck? Then at least third-party insurance is mandatory. You can also opt for limited casco and full casco. These are the types of coverage:

  • Legal liability  All trucks on public roads must have legal liability insurance. This type of insurance pays for damage you cause to someone else with your truck or trailer. Damage to your own truck is not insured.
  • Limited casco  This insurance covers damage to your truck in a number of cases. The cases are: fire, storm, collision with animals, lightning, burglary, and theft. Damage you cause yourself is not insured under this policy.
  • Full hull  This is the most comprehensive truck insurance policy. All-risk insurance covers damage caused by collision and vandalism. Also in case of collision through own fault.

In addition to the above covers, there are also additional insurances available. These are not compulsory; you can decide which ones you need. Discuss with a expert insurance advisor what suits you best.

The cost of truck insurance

The cost of your truck insurance is affected by a number of factors. For instance, insurance companies differentiate between the type of truck insurance and the following:

1 | The type of vehicle

  • Tractor and semi-trailer
  • Solo truck
  • Motor vehicle and trailer
  • Horse truck
  • Open or closed, with or without loading/unloading installation
  • Tank or container
  • Refrigerator/freezer

2 | The weight

If you get into a collision with a heavy truck, you will cause more damage than a lighter truck.

3 | The mileage

The more miles you drive your truck, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. This is because your truck is getting older.

4 | Destination

As a truck driver, you know better than anyone what risks there are in certain countries. For example, the risk of theft.

5 | Cargo

Do you have a tanker truck carrying hazardous materials? Then the damage in case of collision will be greater than with a standard tractor.

6 | Value

The value of your truck also plays a role in determining the premium. Damage costs can vary by type of truck, make and year.

As you can see, many factors play a role in determining the amount of truck insurance. Therefore, truck insurance is always tailor-made.

Tailored truck insurance

Are you a self-employed driver or an SME and interested in truck insurance? Get advice from an expert insurance advisor.