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5 tips to find the best car or truck insurance policy

Have you bought a new car and are looking for the best and cheapest car insurance? Then it is a good idea to look at the coverage of the intended car insurance. For instance, you can get a discount if you opt for a higher deductible. If you never drive any damage, this could be a good choice. But if you have a new truck and want to insure it, you generally cannot get auto insurance. You are better off opting for truck insurance then.

You can save money with both car and truck insurance premiums. For example, by looking carefully at the insurance coverage beforehand. Do you choose the cheapest package, or do you prefer more comprehensive coverage? Moreover, with truck insurance you have legal assistance almost by default, while with car insurance you can take it out as a separate module. And we have more good tips for getting properly insured on the road.

What cover suits your car?

It is important to be aware of the differences in car insurance cover. If you are going to drive a car, it should have at least third-party cover. This is required by law. So, car insurance always provides coverage against the other party’s damage, if you cause an accident unexpectedly. Damage to your own car is never covered under this minimum coverage. A WA car insurance is the most suitable insurance for a car older than eight years. Otherwise, it is better to opt for WA+ Limited Comprehensive insurance cover. This cover is often sufficient for cars between three and eight years old. If you’ve bought a new car, it’s also best to invest a more expensive WA+ Full Casco (all-risk) cover. The same applies if you have just imported a new car from abroad.

Look into truck insurance

If you don’t want to insure a car, but a truck, in most cases you can’t go with car insurance. Insurers offer their own truck insurance for this purpose. This insurance always covers the damage to the other party due to an accident with your own truck. It also covers damage to others or others’ belongings, as well as legal assistance. You can also opt for more comprehensive cover. These coverages are also called ‘Limited Comprehensive’ and ‘Fully Comprehensive’ and are very similar to what a car insurance policy covers. With this information, you already have a better idea of what insurance you can take out if you want to insure a truck.

Choosing a higher deductible in exchange for a premium

Whether you take out car insurance or truck insurance, you can opt for a higher deductible in both cases. So do you hardly ever drive any damage? Then you can opt for a higher own risk. This means that in case of an accident that was your fault, you will have to pay considerably more in excess. But in return, you get a discount on the premium. So you could save the difference in premium to pay for damages. But would you rather be on the safe side? Then it’s better to opt for a lower deductible in exchange for a slightly higher premium.

Did you know that if you insure a truck, in most cases you do not need to take out legal expenses insurance on this policy? Many insurers choose to cover legal assistance in the event of an accident as standard within the insurance policy. With other insurers, you can choose to enable legal aid cover on your truck insurance. With a car insurance policy, you generally never have legal assistance as standard, but you can choose it as an additional cover. For just a small amount extra per month, you are then also insured against the legal costs of an accident.

Check passenger insurance

When taking out car insurance, it is important to check whether fellow passengers are also co-insured. With third-party insurance, this is standard. In case of any damage, the claim can be recovered from the driver. But with this standard cover comes exclusions. Therefore, it can be useful to take out passenger insurance as an extra cover on your car insurance. That way you can avoid nasty surprises.