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How do I create an ad?

In this article, we explain how to create an ad quickly and easily in a few steps.

Step 1 | Log in to TruckDelta

Log in to your TruckDelta account.

Step 2 | Click ‘Add stock’

Step 3 | Select the correct product group and (sub)category

Choose the product group, category and subcategory. Is your category or subcategory not listed? Then contact us.

Step 4 | Fill in at least all ‘recommended’ fields

  • Fill in your license plate number to retrieve the necessary basic information.
  • Fill in at least all the ‘recommended’ fields.
  • Click on all tabs at the top and fill in as many fields as possible on each page. The more the better: your ad will then rank higher in search engines and come up more often in search results on TrucksNL.

For professional sellers: place several sharp photos. Upload a video of your product to YouTube and insert the URL. Place an ad text in multiple languages! This will reduce your selling time and you will get a better price for your product.

Step 5 | Your ad is online

Success in selling!

Your vehicle is now listed on TrucksNL. Do you advertise on several websites? Then see to the right of the product on which websites (portals) it is listed. Want to know more? Read all about advertising on 250+ websites.