The pros and cons of electric trucks

Electric trucks are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits! Are you considering buying an e-truck? We list the pros and cons for you. Advantages electric trucks Environmentally friendly: the electric truck has no internal combustion engine, so there are no harmful exhaust emissions. This ultimately ensures cleaner air, contributing to the EU’s climate […]

Electric trucks are becoming more popular

There are over a thousand new registrations of electric trucks. Read about the increase in electric trucks in the Netherlands and within the EU in this blog. The increase in the Netherlands As many as 1,032 new electric trucks were registered in the Netherlands in the first three quarters of 2023. This means that 8% […]

Dedicated navigation for truck drivers

For truck drivers, any curve, overpass or narrow street is a potential obstacle that requires precision navigation. Therefore, the life of a truck driver revolves around more than just getting from point A to point B. It is important to arrive safely, on time and in compliance with regulations. These aspects can be overlooked by […]

How do I create an ad?

In this article, we explain how to create an ad quickly and easily in a few steps. Step 1 | Log in to TruckDelta Log in to your TruckDelta account. Step 2 | Click ‘Add stock’ Step 3 | Select the correct product group and (sub)category Choose the product group, category and subcategory. Is your […]

8 golden tips for the best ad

Do you want to become successful with the online sale of your vehicle or machine? Then read the 8 golden tips. Note that in the beginning, creating an ad takes a little more time, but this pays off handsomely. Why? Because with these tips, you can reach many more buyers and get a higher price […]

This is what you need to know about a Shell recharge station

Have you purchased a new electric car and are looking for charging stations that will ensure you can get back on the road within a short time? Especially if you are often on the road, this can cause difficulties. Therefore, a good road trip can only work if you find a good charging point on […]

Sneakpreview TrucksNL account

In September the TrucksNL account environment will go live. From then on, all TrucksNL users will be able to more easily manage various things on and around the platform. Through your TrucksNL account you will easily be able to manage the following: My profile information Easily manage your data on this page and keep it […]

AI assistant Charlie: The smart help for buyers and sellers

In the world of trucks and machinery, finding the right buyer or seller can be a challenge. With help from Charlie, TrucksNL’s AI assistant, it will be a lot easier. Charlie is designed to streamline and optimize the process of buying and selling. This allows both buyers and sellers to quickly close the right deal. […]

Greater efficiency through new baler-wrapper combination

A new baler-wrapper combination that focuses on maximum efficiency is here! This is the Fusion 4 Plus from the Irish brand McHale. The new solutions guarantee higher baling densities resulting in better and tighter bales. In this article you will learn more about: The main innovations of the McHale Fusion 4 Plus The McHale Fusion […]