Scania V8

The reasons why the Scania V8 is so popular and will remain so for the foreseeable future

There is hype surrounding the Scania V8, and for good reason: this powerful engine is shaking up the trucking world. But what else makes the Scania V8 great? Read on to find out!

The benefits of the Scania V8 truck

1 | Engine

The Scania V8 is a truck with a V-engine. The position of the cylinders in the engine, in fact, looks like a V when you look at it. The number 8 stands for the number of cylinders with which the engine produces its power.

The V8 has been Scania’s flagship for over 50 years. It owes this not only to the recognizable sound of the V8 engine. The V8 powertrain also provides (especially in mountainous areas) fuel savings of up to six percent. Something you would not expect with a powerful engine like this. All new Scania V8 engines also run on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), a new type of diesel fuel made from waste vegetable oils and residues such as animal fats.

Scania of course continues to innovate the V8 engine, so in 2020 they released a new Scania V8 with up to 770 hp! Curious about the V8 engine of the new Scania? Watch the video of this engine.

The image below is from the video of Scania V8 engine

2 | Reliable and a real powerhouse

The Scania V8 is reliable and quickly powerful, ensuring that you are always on track. By developing a new transmission, the engine ensures that optimal power transfer is achieved even at low revs. Thanks to a weight reduction of about 60 kg and lower internal losses, efficiency is significantly improved and more payload is created. For that reason alone, a Scania V8 truck can be a valuable asset to your business.

3 | Indrukwekkende truck

In addition to the previous two technical advantages, of course the eye wants something too. The Scania V8 truck range is a tough and confident looking truck. In addition, you can equip the Scania V8 cab with V8 interior. Thus, among the options are: seats of ribbed black leather with V8 symbol and red stitching, as well as an upholstered steering wheel with black leather and red stitching.

Of course, the V8 engine sound remains the most popular among truck fans next to its looks. Turn on your sound and watch the compilation video of the Scania V8 trucks.

The image below is a still from the compilation video

The Scania V8 truck is perfect for businesses that need efficiency, power and performance. So you no longer have to worry about your truck and can focus more on your business. The reasons why the Scania V8 is so popular:

  • High power and high efficiency
    The heaviest new Scania V8 engine now delivers up to 3,700 Nm of torque (770 hp). Whereas the new DAF XF, XG and XG+, for example, delivers only 2,600 Nm (530 hp).
  • Fuel saving
    You have this power in the Scania V8 truck already at low revs. This can deliver fuel savings of up to 6%.
  • Longer service intervals
    You can drive the Scania V8 truck up to 1 million kilometers before the oil needs to be changed. This gives you less downtime and therefore higher efficiency.
  • Higher residual value
    The market for these high performance engines is smaller than for normal engines. Therefore, you can make more money when you sell your Scania V8 truck on, for example, TrucksNL.

In short: lower costs and higher lifetime residual value.

Scania V8: purchase price and where to buy

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