Retargeting via DV360

What is DV360 and what can you do with it?

You know the drill: you are looking at shoes online and then you read a news article on another website and are followed by the shoes you just looked at. A clever marketing trick that many sales platforms use. This is done via DV360. But what is DV360 and how can you use it?

What’s DV360?

DV360 is an abbreviation for Display & Video 360, a premium advertising system from Google. Through this advertising system you can place your own banner on more than 900,000,000 websites worldwide. By means of retargeting your ad is shown to potential buyers. When someone clicks on your banner this person will be redirected to your website.

How does my banner get on certain websites?

Through the Google Display Network you get the opportunity to advertise on different websites worldwide. This is a network of websites where you can place your own banner via DV360. Think of websites like, Autoline and The Daily Telegraph.

Which website your banner will appear on is determined by an auction within the advertising system DV360. How this works we explain below:

The Google auction works the same as, for example, a truck auction: a truck is put up for auction and potential buyers start bidding to be able to buy the truck. In the Google auction, “the spot on the website of, say, where your banner can be” is the truck that is being auctioned (step 1). The potential buyers are the parties who want a banner in that spot (step 2).

But the Google auction is not exactly the same as the truck auction. This is because in the Google auction you bid the amount you’re willing to pay for a click on your banner (step 3). So you don’t pay directly for the spot on a website where you want to display your banner. So the person who wins the auction and gets the display is willing to pay the highest amount, to get a visitor to click on the banner and thus lead them to their website.

What happens if your banner is shown but you don’t get any clicks on it? That’s simple, then you don’t have to pay anything. This allows you to continue with the same budget to the next auction. So you can see that displays of your banner are free and you only pay when someone shows interest in your banner and clicks on it.

The advantage of the Google auction is that you don’t necessarily have to have the highest bid to win. Google also considers the quality of your banner important (step 4). So you can win the auction even if you have the lowest bid, but have a better quality banner than the other potential buyers.

The difference between DV360 and Google Ads

Check out the advantages of the DV360 premium ad system over Google Ads (Google’s standard ad system) below.

How can I make use of DV360?

Do you want your banner on well-known websites such as, Autoline and the The Daily Telegraph? We can help you with that. At TrucksNL, you will have your own campaign manager who will keep an eye on the Google auction for you and put one of our designers to work creating professional banners for you. Interested? Call (+31 (0) 6 10 39 34 34) or email Stephen ten Hoonte and discuss the possibilities for your company.