What’s retargeting?

You probably come across the term retargeting more and more often. It’s a way to target advertising to potential buyers. But what exactly is retargeting and what are its benefits?

What’s retargeting?

With retargeting you reach an audience that has already seen your product/service once again. This is done by showing banners with your logo on them on different websites. This is usually accomplished by DV360. This is the premium advertising system of Google, which allows you to place your own banner on many relevant websites. When someone clicks on your banner, he will be redirected to your website.

With retargeting you know for sure that you are reaching people who are interested in the products and/or services you are selling. These people have already seen your ads or meet your target group requirements.

The benefits of retargeting

  • You reach people who are interested in what you are selling
  • With retargeting you influence the buying process of your potential customers
  • Increase your brand awareness among potential customers

How does retargeting work?

To explain it as simply as possible, we use our own website TrucksNL as an example.

1 | A visitor visits TrucksNL


2 | The visitor shows behavior that meets your requirements to fall within your target group.

As an advertiser, you decide who will see your banners.

There are several possible requirements that someone must meet to fall within your target audience. Examples are:

  • Someone must have seen your advertisement(s) on TrucksNL before
  • Someone has to be interested in a certain product group/category/subcategory*
  • Someone has to live in a certain country/district/city
  • Someone has to speak a certain language
  • Someone has sent a contact form to a seller within a specific category on TrucksNL

For example: a product group could be ‘Transport’, a category ‘Trucks’ and a subcategory ‘Tipper Trucks’.

When your target audience has been determined, we are going to make sure that there is a list of all the people who belong to this target audience. For this we use cookies. A cookie is a technical function that enables us to analyse the behavior of website visitors anonymously and thus classify them into different audiences. For example: when someone views trucks on TrucksNL, the cookie stores this.

3 | The visitor leaves TrucksNL


4 | Next, the visitor looks at other websites and sees your banner

With a TrucksNL retargeting campaign your banner has access to 3 million relevant websites worldwide. This is because these websites belong to the ‘Google Display Network’. This is the network of websites on which we can place your banners via DV360. As a dealer in trucks, equipment and construction machinery you can think of websites like:, Autoline and The Daily Telegraph.

With your banner on all these relevant websites, your target audience cannot ignore you. You make sure that you reach your target audience when they read the news on The Daily Telegraph or when someone is looking at It does not matter what your potential buyer is doing on the Internet, you reach him at any time. This allows you to build more brand awareness among your target audience, which creates trust and increases the chances of sales. So you get a unique position compared to your competition.

5 | Visitor clicks on the banner and arrives at your website


Use retargeting

Are you a trader in vehicles and/or machines and would you like to reach your target group via TrucksNL by means of retargeting? Well, you can! Call (+31 (0)6 10 39 34 34) or email Stephen ten Hoonte and feel free to discuss the retargeting possibilities for your company.