8 golden tips for the best ad

Do you want to become successful with the online sale of your vehicle or machine? Then read the 8 golden tips. Note that in the beginning, creating an ad takes a little more time, but this pays off handsomely. Why? Because with these tips, you can reach many more buyers and get a higher price for your product.

Good to know: the underlying idea with a professional ad is that you reach more buyers not only through our platform, but also outside our platform. The more information you provide, the better search engines index your ad. This means that a potential buyer through search engines (such as Google and Bing) is more likely to see your ad because you rank higher in search results.

Tip 1 | Make sure you have a complete and catchy title

The title is the first thing read by a buyer. Therefore, it is important to name the most important USPs (unique selling points) or unique selling points here. In doing so, put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. What does he or she want to see here to click on your ad? Limit the title to 5 unique points separated by a separator. For example: Volvo FM 500 ADR | Sideskirts | EURO 6 | GLOBETROTTER | clean truck. No inspiration? Then check our platform to see what words might make sense for your ad but avoid these common mistakes in titles.

Tip 2 | Take at least 5 professional photos

Selling photos! Therefore, it is important to include professional photos with your ad. The rule here is: the more, the better. Bring all sides of your vehicle or machine into focus and don’t forget to photograph the interior. Also, it is interesting to highlight unique aspects in a photograph. It is important, however, to take sharp pictures. This also creates a professional appearance. Making sure you take good pictures? Look online at other sellers or read our article on proper ad photos.

Tip 3 | Add a video

You may not be used to it or it may seem like a lot of work, but a video will boost your ad. Through a video, you give the buyer a full impression of what to expect from the vehicle or machine. It is easier to show functionalities and you can better identify where any damages are. And…. your ad gets a better/higher ranking on the platform and in search engines. This means greater reach and therefore more clicks on your ad! You can easily create a video with your phone and then upload it. Check out a few more of our tips for a good video.

Tip 4 | Fill in at least all ‘recommended’ fields

When creating an ad, we labeled some fields “recommended. By this we mean: it is recommended to fill in this field. Why? Because visitors to TrucksNL often filter by these fields. If you do NOT fill in these fields, you are missing out on an awful lot of potential buyers. This is because if visitors filter by year of construction, for example, and you have not entered anything, your ad will not come up among the results. Make no mistake: by completing recommended fields, your ad is displayed up to 7x more often.

Tip 5 | Fill in as many properties as possible

The more, the better. That is the key to success with ad creation. In addition to the recommended fields, complete all other fields as much as possible. Why? Because your ad will then be shown a clicked on much more often. In addition, we promote vehicles from TrucksNL toward visitors under the term “Featured for You. Did a potential buyer search on your completed properties? Then your product will be highlighted faster and more often. Nice touch: based on your license plate number, we can already import the necessary data.

Tip 6 | Add a description with keywords

Enter a clear description of your vehicle or machine. Describe the technical data and what belongs to the exterior or interior. Indicate if and where there is damage and the condition of the vehicle. Are there any extras? If so, this is also good to report. Think carefully about what the buyer wants to know about the product. Will he or she search for specific terms through a search engine? Then it makes sense to include these terms or phrases in your description.

Tip 7 | Advertise in multiple languages

Over 60% of our visitors come from abroad. A large group of buyers you can reach if you make your ad accessible in multiple languages. In fact, each person searches for terms that are common in his or her own language. Choose at least English, German, French, Spanish and Polish to expand your reach quickly. Use translation tool Deepl to translate texts directly and specify which languages you can be reached in through your account settings.

Tip 8 | Use WhatsApp as a communication tool

To make contacting a buyer as easy as possible, we recommend adding a WhatsApp number as a means of communication. You realize significantly more contact moments with potential buyers because it is a low-threshold way to get in touch. Do you want to do this professionally? If so, we recommend using WhatsApp Business.

Good luck selling!

You are now fully up-to-date to create professional ads that make a difference.

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