Buy or sell your truck with DeTruckfinancier

De Truckfinancier is the new leasing partner of TrucksNL. A partnership with De Truckfinancier makes it possible for sellers to sell their vehicle to small and medium-sized businesses through a lease contract. After all, a truck or trailer can be a big investment for an SME. De Truckfinancier helps them do this, making the purchase […]

How do I create an ad?

In this article, we explain how to create an ad quickly and easily in a few steps. Step 1 | Log in to TruckDelta Log in to your TruckDelta account. Step 2 | Click ‘Add stock’ Step 3 | Select the correct product group and (sub)category Choose the product group, category and subcategory. Is your […]

8 golden tips for the best ad

Do you want to become successful with the online sale of your vehicle or machine? Then read the 8 golden tips. Note that in the beginning, creating an ad takes a little more time, but this pays off handsomely. Why? Because with these tips, you can reach many more buyers and get a higher price […]

7 tips to sell more, easier and in less time

Want to sell more, more easily and in less time? Then read our experience tips that we are happy to share with you to target the buyers you want. Tip 1 | Create a strong ad When you start advertising, it is important to set up a good ad. Have you clearly described your vehicle […]

You get less responses than other traders

Your ads perform worse than similar ads. This applies to all portals on which you advertise. You may be losing thousands of dollars in sales per month as a result. Why do my ads lose out to other advertisers? There are important things missing like: Your ads stand out less and are less well found. […]

This is how to create better ads in less time

Every day we see ads appearing on TrucksNL that contain little information about the item. These ads are less well viewed and it is also full of unnecessary. With 1 click, you can automatically add important properties to an advertisement. Use the license plate Every ad form in TruckDelta provides the option to retrieve data […]

Ads perform up to 7x better by filling in recommended fields.

When you advertise on a platform like TrucksNL, it is important that you fill in as many properties of the vehicle as possible. While filling in all the properties may seem time-consuming, filling them in can have a big impact on the success of your ads. Advantages of optimised ads How do I recognise recommended […]

Finding the right buyer quickly

Want to grow your business by selling more, more easily and in less time, at an even better price? Then read these 6 tips for finding the right buyers. In this blog post, we use forklift trucks as an example, but the tips also apply to other vehicles and machines. The video includes English subtitles […]

4 common mistakes in ad titles + tips for doing it right

There are a number of common mistakes in ad titles that will cause you to miss out on buyers. Do you recognize yourself in (one of) the four mistakes below? Don’t worry. We’ll give you tips on what to do to write catchy ad titles. These are the ad titles your buyers will click on, […]